Like any good public relations plan, evaluation or retrospect is key to growth and truly understanding whether or not you set out what you meant to accomplish, so this reflections blog post will follow that model.

Going back to my very first blog in regards to the concept of pubic relations, it was clear that while I understood and could define the concept, I didn’t fully have a grasp of the entire process, mainly because I have never conducted a campaign or participated in one before. I referred and relied heavily on official sites to help define what I was talking about and even applied it to a real life incident, but at that point in time, I still had much to learn.

Moving ahead, I clearly understood and defined the importance of building a solid foundation for a public relations campaign by having solid research. I was and still am keenly aware some information is subjective to ones point of view, so some information needs to looked over to ensure it is correct. I have always(always being adult life) believed in the importance of base standards to guide ones work by; it ensures projects are( at a minimum) at and understood at a certain level for everyone who works in the field can work with easily and effectively.

Something I have a firm grasp on (and some pride) in almost all facets of my life is the ability to quickly and firmly understand the concept behind any process and then be able to apply it effectively. This is demonstrated with my bog posts discussing the Skittles refugee blind-side and applying the communication theory of rhetoric to public relations and explaining its importance. I feel above all else understanding the concepts behind any process is of the utmost importance because it allows you to freely work in any manner in any facet of a project in regards to that concept. If you only understand the process itself, sure you can push out information and documents, but if something deviates from those processes it will be difficult to  adjust accordingly.

In reference to my other blogs and the class, I completely understand social medias role in the current culture and future of public relations. It is an amazing tool and potential liability and I feel that not enough companies utilize it to its full potential. I am going to take this particular lesson and attempt to bring it into my internship I am conducting this summer at the Kent County Health Department. They are looking to improve their public communication and social media may be an avenue of approach to explore.

The number one thing I learned from this class actually comes in the form of a lesson in writing. I am one to add in “fluff” to any project mainly because I enjoy trying to show my point in a variety of different ways. While it is good I can type long and flowing essays with ease, it is an issue when that isn’t what is asked of me and when I begin to ramble, my message or focus can be lost in the process. Writing these blogs and honest feedback from my professor (for once) has shown me a better way to organize my writings to where I don’t necessarily have to shorten them, but breaking them up leads to easier reading, though I am still working on my short text writing skills.

Overall, I learned much during my time in my public relations class. It was a challenge at times to do some of the assignments due to me having communication barriers, but overall I had fun. If I could go back and do one thing prior to this class, it would be to take the research methods class that is offered at Grand Valley. I understood the concept behind the primary research portion but was clueless to the finer details and while additional information and time provided by my professor was very helpful, I would have benefited more from actually doing it before.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my blog. This is the last one on my series of public relations related blogs and may continue different ones in the future.


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